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Hidden Latch Kits for Stock Gates


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Stock tailgates are "beautiful", they hold the classic look that is near and dear to all enthusiasts. They also carry those tailgate chains that ruin our $10,000 paint jobs.
Once again, it's Pro's Pick to the rescue!

When we designed this kit we felt the criteria had to be:

  • Anyone could handle the installation
  • The tailgate had to slam shut
  • No rattles allowed as you drive down the road
  • None of the materials used could ever rust
  • It had to have check straps that could not damage the paint
  • You could install it on a painted bed without damaging the paint job
  • It had to look cool, yet be compatible with the vintage "look" of the truck
  • A touch of the release buttons on each side allow the gate to open

Hidden Latch Kits feature small stainless steel brackets that attach to the inside of the tailgate, spring loaded catches that install in the bedside (hidden by the stake pocket posts) also made of stainless and nylon, and nylon woven check straps with stainless buckles that hold the tailgate in a horizontal position. The kit includes all fasteners, hardware, and complete instructions.

Fits any stock tailgate with the exception of some pre 40 models.

Part Number: 26 300 016
Hidden latch Kit for Stock Gates with 16 inch straps
Price: $185.00
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Part Number: 26 300 021
Hidden latch Kit for Stock Gates with 21 inch straps
Price $185.00
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