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Designer Products

This is a whole new concept. Hugh Brooks of "Rods by Brooks" suggested that he had serveral ideas for new products, but because he builds Street Rods for a living, he had neither the time to develop these products nor the ability to market them. Pretty soon we had arrived at a solution.

It was agreed that if we felt the product idea would fit into our line, Pro's Pick would manufacture and market it and pay a royalty to the originator. We are very enthused about this program. It benefits both Pro's Pick, by acquiring new product ideas, and the originator of the idea, by providing an income.

This program is open to anyone. You can apply by mailing your idea to Pro's Pick:

330 Smith Street (P.O. box 70)
Arthur, Ontario N0G 1A0

or fax it to 519-843-1626. Pro's Pick will sign a letter of confidentiality if desired.

Please be aware that while your idea may be a good one, we may not feel that it would integrate with our other products and therefore decline your offer.

Hiding Hinges Hiding Hinges

Stock tailgate hinges just don't cut it in the looks department. This good looking, simple design is by Hugh Brooks of 'Rods by Brooks'. Only 1/4" wide when viewed from the rear and invisible from the side. Thanks Hugh!

More information on Hiding Hinges

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