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Bed Mats

Pickup Truck Bed Mats

Pickup Truck Bed Mats

You've spent $600.00 on wood and strips and 12 hours applying ten coats of varnish to the wood. We'll bet you're a little hesitant to put anything in the bed of your truck, and we don't blame you. How about something that would protect your wood finish from being scratched? How about something that would keep objects from sliding around in the back of your bed, damaging the paint? We've got it!!

Pro's Pick exclusive bed mats are made of a special, cushy soft, rubber blend that cushions, provides a non slip surface and will not mark. Just roll out the mat to protect your high buck floor when you need it. Roll it up and tie it with the supplied velcro ties when you don't.

Part Number: 29 100 5080
48 inch x 80 inch Bed Mat
Price: $78.00
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Part Number: 29 100 5096
48 inch x 96 inch Bed Mat
Price: $88.00
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